Why Backup?

Businesses generate and use more information than ever before.  This information is also more important because it is shared by all parts of the business. Consequently any loss of information or interruption can have a large effect, possible even resulting in the demise of the business.


Backup and disaster recovery have never been more important in this fast moving world; hence you should have a readily accessible copy of your systems and data going back at least 6 – 12 months.


With tools like ShadowProtect and the relatively low cost of data storage there is really no reason why every business should not have a suitable system to protect itself in the event of a failure or loss of information.

Why Backup?

Increased reliance on computers and larger numbers of links to your systems means that there are a greater number of ways your information can be threatened:


• Hardware failure e.g. computers, disks, controllers

• Software Failure e.g. corruption, viruses,

• Disasters e.g. fire, flood, theft

• Security e.g. malicious attacks, internal and external


A good backup and disaster recovery system helps to protect against all forms of failure.


Even in this centralised “cloud” computing world you need to consider how safe your information is, should you rely on someone else to look after your information or should you have your own copy ready to hand?

Why use image backup?


With traditional file backups you copy and store your documents and data, but this is only part of the story.  In order to read and gain access to your information you will need a computer system with the right applications and security set-up, hence a copy of your information alone is not sufficient.


Image based backups enable a complete computer (operating system, applications and information) to be copied and recreated relatively easily. Image based backups are more flexible offering several ways of retrieving and using your data quickly, from single files to complete systems.  In addition you can easily test your backups to prove they work.




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