Are you addicted to tape?

Still using the slow process of backing up by tape?


Its hard work isn't it? Having to take copies of your business data, using tape takes time and money. The cost of the tapes alone is not the only cost to your business. Have you considered the time it takes your staff to use them? Well this is costing your business as well.


Can you trust them?


Backup tapes are unreliable and this is only likely to get worse as time goes on. Investment is not being made into increasing the quality of them as new technologies compete.



Addicted to tape backup?

Are they keeping up with the world?


As businesses become more dependent on technology, more and more data is being produced. Your weekly tape backup might have worked some time ago, but not now!


The increased frequency that you need to update has changed and if you are still using tape drives, this is costing you a lot more!


And what happens if you need to restore?


Well it can take a while and is a slow process for whoever's job it is! It can be complicated and is often unreliable.


What about if there's a disaster?


If you keep you backup tapes on-site and you are unfortunate to have a fire, well its likely they are going to be destroyed. Not going to happen to you? That's what everyone says!



Still addicted?


You must be mad! Nowadays we can't think of a single reason why any business of any size would want to trust their data by using tape backups.



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