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We are here to help you make the right choice on how you backup your company data and to keep your business operating. There are many things to consider in order to determine the best system backup approach for you.


While the topic of backup and business continuity is not the most inspiring one it is vital to all businesses.


Here are just a few informative pages that we hope are interesting for a relatively 'serious' topic'! You will also find a few answers to some of your questions. Find out more...



Resource Topics

1 - Are you addicted to tape?


Are you still using backup tapes in your business? If you have been using this method for years, you may want to read more about the costs and potential risks to your business.


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2 - What is cloud computing all about?


Many of us have now heard the term, but what is it all about? Find out how ShadowProtect software and our services work with off-site backup.


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3 - Reasons to backup


We think there are four main causes why you should backup your systems. Generally problems occur for businesses because of equipment failure, software error or corruption, action by people or environment changes.


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4 - Proven Backup Results


In order to understand our customers, we conducted our own survey asking local company’s various questions on how they backup their system. It was a great opportunity for us to listen to what you had to say.


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5 - Why backup?


Businesses are creating and generating more and more information as the years go on. Backing this up is vital for all parts of the business.


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