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What image backup services do we offer?


Every business has different needs; we can provide the level of support you are looking for, from selling you the backup software through to a complete and managed Business Continuity solution. We will tailor our service for you.


What options are available?


The service descriptions below give a "flavour" of the activities required and the range of services that we can supply.  Give us a call to talk about which option is best for you.


  • 1. Supply Backup Software

    We supply ShadowProtect backup software by StorageCraft as we have experience using it and have 'proven' it with many of our customers.


    ShadowProtect is a market leader with great flexibility as it provides disk images that can be used in many ways.


    We can help you choose the right software package from the options available.


    You can install it yourself; there are good manuals and video instructions available through the StorageCraft website.

  • 2. Software Installation Support

    We can support your software installation by providing remote support so you can have confidence that the backup is doing what you need.


    We can help troubleshoot and resolve issues if things do not appear to be right.

  • 3. Backup Consultancy

    Backing up can be quite a complicated process, particularly when several machines are involved.  We can help select the appropriate approach and choose the right software and storage components.


    We can help you decide the most appropriate solution for you.


    We also have experience in working with many different backup systems through our customers set-ups.

  • 4. Design your backup solution

    We design solutions for many of our customers.  Our designs are based on a proven, tried and tested approach; this means we have a standard that allows for variations because every customer and every system is different with different constraints.

  • 5. Install the backup solution

    When we design the backup system we can also help install and test, that way we know the design intent is carried through to installation.  We also work in partnership with local IT support personnel, as this is a good way to ensure everyone has the right level of knowledge and expertise.

  • 6. Monitor the backup operation

    Once a backup solution is up and running you need to make sure it stays that way; so it is there if you need it.  We can help to monitor and confirm all is correct. We can help troubleshoot and correct things if there is a change.

  • 7. Test the backup

    There is no value in a backup unless it is up to date and it works.  On more than one occasion have we found a good backup report on older systems to be incorrect. While this is unlikely with ShadowProtect the only way to cover this is to undertake regular tests.  This need only take a few minutes and we will confirm that all is well, giving added confidence in the event of failure.

  • 8. Set up an off-site backup copy

    An off-site backup copy of your systems is vital in the event of fire, flood or theft where the originals are lost.  In this electronic age it is no longer necessary to physically carry your backups off site; you can upload your backup to another location.

  • 9. Supply off-site storage capacity

    We have servers ready to store backups uploaded to us.  There are a myriad of “Cloud” alternatives but you need to know the advantages and drawbacks.  If you have more than one site it may be most cost effective to have your own storage in your location.  The off-site backups can be set up so that the copied machines can be mounted and in use within a short space of time.

  • 10. Run and maintain the complete system

    We can take the complete operation off your hands.  We can run, monitor and maintain your backup and Business Continuity systems to ensure that machines are ready in the event of failure.


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What happens next?


Now you have read through all of the services available, give us a call and we can put a bespoke package together for your business. Contact us now.