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The cost of a backup and continuity process fall into one or more of four areas:


1. Software – backup software and any additional management and monitoring programs


2. Hardware – PCs hard disks and tape drives


3. Off-site location and storage cost


4. Services – the cost of time deployed by yourself and others, this may include both hardware and software elements purchased as a service.






Backup Software


The lowest cost approach in terms of money spent outside of an organisation is nearly always to purchase the software and then to undertake everything else inside the organisation. In this case the cost will range from just over £50 for a PC up to £650 for a server, depending on the computer in use and which license is required.


An alternative is to take a Software as a Service approach (SaaS) where the cost of the software is included as part of the overall service.  In this case the cost of the software is likely to be in the region of £10 - £30 per month depending on the level required.






Up until now one of the highest costs of backup solutions used to be in tape drives and tapes.  This is no longer the case if the move to disk based backup is taken.  Disk based storage is relatively low cost; however precautions need to be taken to ensure that more than one copy exists  to take into account resilience against failure.


The hardware cost can quite modest depending on the volume of data and complexity of the organisation.  Typically a business will need a PC and suitable storage, with additional costs ranging from £100 to £1,000 depending on the situation.





Off-site Location and Storage


Everyone is advertising “Cheap” off-site storage, with costs ranging for 1TB of storage from £5/month to £15/month depending on what you are asking for.  Comparison of off-site storage is difficult as the services are included with the cost, just storing data off-site is just not sufficient.  Many organisations have more than one location; so off-site backup can be achieved with a little bit of thought and planning.

Backup Services


A simple backup service to store backup data can be a few pounds per month depending on the volume of data stored and the service being purchased.  The service can range from a simple backup copy that you can retrieve in the event of a major disaster, where you are prepared to wait hours and days for your information, to systems where the business down time is measured in minutes not hours.

How much to spend?


How much should a business spend for something that is considered not likely and has processes that are in place to reduce the chance of failure?  The advantage of ShadowProtect is that basic software can be used from simple backup to complete business continuity; the simplest answer is to write down your current position and ask us what the options might be.