Proven Backup Results?

To understand our customers, we conducted our own survey to find out current backup procedures and thoughts regarding backup. All businesses  we spoke to are considered as SME's and employ less than 50 staff and based in Dorset.


Here is what we have found...






When we asked "How important do you consider it to back up your data?" we were provided with the majority of the response being that businesses considered it very important. None of the businesses that we spoke to considered it not important or the next step up of relatively important. This shows that small business despite perception to understand the importance of backup.


The next question we asked was "What do you believe is the greatest risk for data loss to your business?". 100% of the businesses we spoke to believed the greatest risk would come from a system failure or corruption. This is interesting as whilst theft and fire are unlikely we would have thought human error would have featured somewhere in the replies.






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From the above results is shows that most business backup their data weekly. Whilst the task is being taken, it shows that there is still risk being taken on a daily basis.


Another interesting finding was when asking the question "How do you back up your data, choose your most commonly used." Most businesses were using an external hard drive as their form of backup or the other option was an on-site server.


One factor raised of concern was that every single business we spoke to only undertook one form of backup and no second copy in another location was being taken.


In conclusion, we found that whilst small business do understand the need and importance of backup, most do not ensure that adequate backup and disaster recovery is in place.